Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my piano tuned?

Piano manufacturers recommend that a new piano should be tuned four times the first year of ownership.  After that, a piano, regardless of usage, should be tuned at least once a year. If your instrument is used regularly, twice a year is recommended. A concert instrument is tuned before each performance. That piano may be tuned several times a month.

What is a pitch raise?

A piano, depending on make, has two hundred strings that are elastic, under tension, and vibrate to a specific pitch. In other words, when you or your child plays say middle C, you hear middle C. The longer a piano is used or not used the flatter or lower the pitch becomes. The piano will not stay in tune without extra work to insure that it will stay in tune. A piano that was tuned regularly may not need a pitch raise because of an absence of service for a few years.

What is action regulation?  What is voicing?  Is reconditioning my piano the same as rebuilding it?  Will my piano last forever?  How do I clean my keys? Do I really have to take a hard look at my budget to buy a quality instrument for my ten year old to start piano lessons?

Congratulations!  If you have read this this far you care about self expression through playing an acoustic piano still primarily assembled if not built by hand.

What is The Piano Technicians Guild?

The Piano Technicians Guild is the only organization for my profession that elevates standards of professional workmanship through testing for a member to gain recognition as a registered piano technician or R.P.T.  Associate members strive to achieve this rating but until passing the all day testing can not advertise this rating.

Thank you for your interest!